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Laboratory Services

Equine Diagnostic Laboratories are an onsite laboratory that offers Randwick Equine Centre access to rapid blood results and pathology services. The laboratory provides a quick turnaround for pre-race blood samples and health profiles. Local trainers and veterinarians are catered for with same day service, expert comments and immediate faxing or emailing of results. Some interstate trainers and veterinarians also use the services by sending samples in by courier.

Some of the conditions these profiles test for are infection / inflammation, electrolyte imbalance, liver toxicity and 'tie up' (Rhabdomyolysis).

Rapid onsite analysis is also available for hospital cases such as Urinalysis, Faecal Egg counts, cytology,joint fluid aspirates (to detect inflammation / infection) and other body fluids such as peritoneal and cerebrospinal fluid. Serum harvest, preparation and storage is also provided by the laboratory for the IRAP and PRP procedures.