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Abdominal & Colic

Colic is a very common problem and one of the leading causes of death in horses, especially as they age. It can be very traumatic for both horse and owner, so it's important that it is treated as an emergency and the horse is assessed by a veterinarian as soon as possible. Early intervention can easily be the difference between life and death. Most colic cases are resolved with relatively little treatment, but sometimes much more intensive therapy or surgery is required.

In recent years advances in surgical and post-surgical techniques have greatly improved outcomes for colic surgery. Around 80% of horses that have such surgery survive to be discharged from the hospital and most of those return to their full athletic potential.

Post operative care is as important as successful surgery. We have a team of experienced and dedicated surgical and nursing staff to monitor and manage these patients around the clock which is vital to ensure the best possible outcome for your horse.