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Airway surgery

We regularly perform a wide variety of procedures to improve breathing in horses with airway abnormalities. The procedures most commonly performed include "tie-back" surgery, also known as laryngeal prosthesis surgery, for horses who have paralysis of the left side of the larynx (a surprisingly common problem, especially in high speed athletes), "tie-forward" surgery for horses who displace their soft palate during exercise, arytenoidectomy for cases where the laryngeal cartilages are thickened and deformed, and also a variety of laser assisted surgeries. Laser surgery of the respiratory tract may be performed in either a standing, sedated horse using local anaesthesia or under general anaesthesia. Surgery of the head, nasal cavities, guttural pouches and sinuses are also regularly performed to treat all manner of lumps, infections, traumatic injuries, tumours, cysts, dental associated disease and congenital deformities.