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New Class IV Therapeutic Laser Comes to REC

REC has just purchased the first Class IV therapeutic laser for horses in Australia. This is the most powerful laser on the market and has greater depth of penetration and shorter treatment times than the Class III lasers many of you may have used before. Class IV therapeutic laser has been shown to increase circulation, reduce inflammation, pain and muscle spasms. It is useful to treat a wide variety of conditions including:

• Tendon injuries
• Ligament injuries, such as suspensory desmitis
• Muscle pain and inflammation
• Osteoarthritis, including navicular syndrome
• Splints
• Wounds

How does it work?
Laser therapy uses a range of specific wavelengths to stimulate a cascade of events at the cellular level, resulting in:

• Increased oxygen and energy supply to the tissues and accelerated removal of waste products and inflammatory mediators
• Downregulation of pain pathways
• Vasodilation resulting in improved circulation
• Activation of lymphatic drainage (aiding reduction of swelling) 
• Reduced formation of scar tissue

Combining deep-penetrating laser therapy with traditional therapeutic regimes accelerates the recovery time for many common lameness disorders in horses. Laser is also an invaluable tool to assist in injury prevention and help maintain equine athletes at their highest level of performance. Training at a high level inevitably results in intermittent pain and soreness. Periodic class IV laser application can allow faster recovery and therefore more efficient training. 
Laser therapy effect is cumulative so each treatment is complementary to the last at a cellular level. Treatment protocols vary depending on whether it is being used for injury treatment or prevention, the type of injury and whether the injury is acute or chronic. The laser unit is portable so treatment can be carried out at your yard. Please contact reception for further information.

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