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From all the team at REC we would like to congratulate Dr Caitlin Manring and Dr James Mizzi on the successful completion of their internships at Randwick Equine Centre.  Caitlin heads back to San Diego on a new adventure, whilst James is excited to begin an associate position with our sister practice Illawarra Equine Centre. 

New to the intern team is Dr Jenni Hawke.  Jenny worked for REC for several years as a veterinary nurse prior to completing her studies at the Univertsity of Sydney Vet School.  Welcome back and best of luck for the year ahead!


The Randwick Equine Centre  (REC) is renowned for excellence and comprehensive quality care of both the performance and pleasure horse. As well as having specialists in equine surgery and medicine, we have a number of veterinarians who focus on lameness in horses across all disciplines. The horse’s foot is a major source of lameness and performance limitation. The saying ‘no foot, no horse’ is used world-wide for good reason! Taking good care and fully understanding the horse’s foot is therefore of paramount importance for management and prevention of many lameness issues. 

REC have recently launched Randwick Equine Podiatry (REP) to give you and your horse the best possible foot care. REP is made up of a team of vets who work in collaboration with master farrier Garth Derrig to achieve the most accurate assessment and optimal recommendations for your horse. 

Garth has been an active member of the farrier community based in the Hawkesbury district for the past 21 years. He became a Master Farrier in 1998, and has also spent time furthering his experience in the United States. He has a particular interest in therapeutic farriery and extensive experience in trimming and shoeing techniques required for hoof related problems and lameness. 

Our podiatry consultation involves static and dynamic evaluation of the hoof and leg conformation and foot radiographs using barium markers. These are discussed in conjunction with previous or current lameness concerns to allow the best possible shoeing plan and hoof maintenance for your horse’s soundness.

REP is useful for sound horses to optimize foot balance, prevent injuries and reduce the risk of future lameness, as well as for horses with lameness due to foot pathology. Improvements in foot balance and shoeing modifications are also of vital importance when managing other injuries such as proximal suspensory ligament inflammation and ‘bowed’ tendons. And of course REP can help with everyday foot headaches such as laminitis and abscesses.

Call us (0478 179 874) or drop us a line ( for any advice or to arrange a consultation with Garth Derrig and one of our REP vets. 

“From all the team at REC we wish Ben and his young family the best of luck in his new venture in South Australia.”

BVSc (Hons I), MACVSc, Diplomate ACVS, Diplomate ACVSMR

Drs Rachel Salz and Chris Elliott were at the camp on Monday 7th July to give talks about common injuries of sport horses and post exercise recovery. They also conducted practical demonstrations of basic examinations and assessment of horses and discussed the anatomy of the limbs. It was great to be part of it & hope that all the camp attendees enjoyed their input.