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Sport Horse Services

The dedicated veterinarians at Randwick Equine Centre have a wealth of experience and expertise in the assessment, management and treatment of horses involved in all disciplines of the sport horse world. We regularly visit the yards of many top class competitors as well as having world class hospital facilities to help diagnose and treat the more complex problems that some of these great horses develop.

We understand the demands of the sport and what is important to you, as well how best to turn your hard work in training your horse into success whilst, providing the best possible care and most modern and innovative therapies should you experience a problem.

As with all areas of our practice, we have a collaborative approach to providing care for these athletes. Dr Rachel Salz is one of a small number of boarded specialists by the American College of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation in Australia.  Additionally, Drs James Whitfeld, Hayley Lang, Ruth Franklin, Tom Bayes and Tori Locke also have a special interest in sports horse medicine. 

Recently, REC have launched Randwick Equine Podiatry (REP), an exciting new development to our Sport Horse Services to give you and your horse the best possible foot care. REP is made up of a team of vets, primarily Dr Rachel Salz and Dr Ruth Franklin who work in collaboration with master farrier Garth Derrig to achieve the most accurate assessment and optimal recommendations for your horse.

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We also regularly sponsor and provide veterinary services at several Dressage and Eventing competitions.

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