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Chris O’Sullivan

BVSc Dip VCS MS MACVSc Diplomate ACVS Specialist Equine Surgeon

BVSc- The University of Sydney 1995

Internship- Sydney University 1996

Residency- The Ohio State University 2003

Board Certified in Equine Surgery (American College of Veterinary Surgeons) 2004

Practice focus: Surgery (Orthopedic, Soft Tissue and Minimially Invasive Surgery), Racetrack Practice, Yearling Radiology, Sports Medicine and Regenerative Medicine.

Chris graduated from the University of Sydney and stayed on completing an internship at Camden. He joined the Randwick Equine Centre in 1997 and in mid 2000 left to further his training in surgery undertaking a residency at The Ohio State University in the USA. Chris obtained specialist status in the USA returning to Randwick Equine Centre in 2003, becoming a partner in 2008. 

Chris has multiple first author publications and a text book chapter. Chris services Sydney racetracks and is predominately based in the hospital at Randwick. He also travels as a consultant to NSW Southern Highlands and South Coast.


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