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Ultrasonography (ultrasound scanning) is a safe, very useful and non-invasive technique used primarily for assessing "soft tissue" structures. Ultrasound waves travel through and "echo" back different tissue densities giving detailed images of a wide range of anatomical structures without the need for radiation producing techniques such as X-ray or nuclear scintigraphy.

At Randwick Equine Centre we have several ultrasonography units which can be used by our ambulatory veterinarians at your stables, as well as in the hospital at Randwick. We routinely use ultrasound for the following:

  • Tendon and ligament injury assessment and monitoring of healing.

  • In colic cases to assess the gastrointestinal tract and other abdominal organs.

  • In cardiac, pleural and pulmonary (lung) diseases.

  • For assessment of the reproductive tract and ovulatory cycle, as well as pregnancy diagnosis and monitoring.

  • To image the larynx (throat) for additional information in upper airway disease

  • The clinic also offers a state of the art machine with Doppler for cardiovascular assessment, most commonly for investigation of heart murmurs.

  • Ophthalmic ultrasound is also to assess structures in teh centre and back of the eye such as the lens and retina.

An ultrasound image of the superficial digital flexor tendon with a Grade III/IV injury.